Twitter – Restaurants using Twitter for marketing

With the growth of Twitter, many companies and businesses are trying to figure out how to use Twitter to drive business.

We all know the importance of using social media tools to listen to customers, but can social media also be used for promotions and coupons to actually drive business? Let’s face it, as much as listening is important, restaurants are one business category that simply don’t have the time to devote to “listening.”

This recent Nashua Telegraph article details how several New Hampshire eateries using Twitter and Facebook for promos. Interestingly, given the recent stats that many Facebook users don’t remain users past 30 days of signing up, these restaurants are seeing more response from their Facebook pages than Twitter.

Axel’s Food and Ice Cream (@eatataxels) – is alerting customers via Facebook and Twitter to special offers. For example, on Earth Day, Axel’s offered free soft-serve ice cream per order to anyone who walked, biked, or drove a hybrid, and mentioned “Twitter” when they ordered.

The Sugar Mommy (@thesugarmommy) – a brand-new dessert and bakery, has started Twittering what she’s baking and cooking. Her hope is to drive interest in her business while keeping marketing/advertising costs low.

If you were building a social media strategy for a restaurant, what would you recommend to help them drive awareness and attract customers?

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