News of the week – November 5, 2011

News of the week – November 5, 2011

Here’s the news that I’ve been paying attention to this past week:

Google Reader – To the dismay of many devoted Google Reader users, Google decided to shut down the sharing and social features within Google Reader and are pushing users to share stories via Google+. Regardless of what you think about Google+ (I happen to enjoy it a lot), Google could have opted to allow people to continue using the Google Reader social features unchanged. They did not. Many people are mad, and you can read about here, here, and here.

Hivemined – Thankfully, some passionate Google Reader users – and coders – are working hard on Hivemined – an open-sourced web-based RSS Reader with the social features that die-hard Google Reader users loved.

#SearchLove – I attended the SearchLove conference in New York City earlier this week. SearchLove is a conference organized by Distilled, a top SEO firm, and it features advanced SEO strategies and tactics. You can read this, this, and this article for a recap of SearchLove’s great info.

LunchMeet – (client) With the new LunchMeet app, you’ll never have to eat lunch alone again, and you can expand your professional network over lunch. Check out this NextWeb article about LunchMeet.


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