QuiltCon . . . 2017

Next week, I’ll be heading off to Nashville, Tennessee for QuiltCon 2019 – the annual quilt show and conference of the Modern Quilt Guild.

This will be the second QuiltCon that I’ve attended, and I couldn’t be more excited. I think I’m more excited than Christmas morning. One of the big things for me is the chance to meet and hang out with my many “digital” quilting friends. I have many great quilting friends that I’ve met via Instagram or Facebook. And for 360 days of the year, the majority of those interactions are all digital.

At QuiltCon, I can hang out with my quilting gang IRL (as the younguns like to say). And, of course, I’m going to try and drag some people out for karaoke and dancing while I’m in Nashville.

My first QuiltCon was 2017 in Savannah, Georgia. I grew up in Macon, Georgia, but I hadn’t visited Savannah since a trip to Savannah when I was a senior in high school (many years ago).

My parents still live in Georgia. So I took my younger son with me, and he got to hang out with his grandparents, while I spent four days hanging out with my quilting friends. I took a “No Fear Partial Seams” class with Mary Fons. I attended several lectures. Sorry, it was two years ago, I can’t remember the exact titles of the lectures. (And, I just looked online, and unfortunately I couldn’t find a list of all the lectures from QuiltCon 2017).

And, of course, the quilts .  . . Wow.

Finally, I wasn’t going to spend 4 days in Savannah without sampling the night life. My quilting friend Denise and I went out dancing multiple times. Also, in a total coincidence, my college roommate’s garage band The Woggles were in town for a show. So, I got to hang out with the Woggles one afternoon and hear them play later that night.

Now, I’m ready for Nashville! 

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