Jeff Bezos spoiled my Christmas surprise

Jeff Bezos spoiled my Christmas surprise.

Bezos never misses an opportunity to tout how Amazon’s every move is done to make their customers happy. At the same time, Amazon has repeatedly talked about how the Amazon Kindle is one of the most gifted items ever.

If that’s the case, why would Amazon ship Kindles in a box emblazoned with the word Amazon Kindle? If you know that the device is being given as a gift, don’t you know that in most modern American families, there are lots of different people checking the mail every day?

On Christmas Eve, I went to our local post office to pick up our mail, and there was an Amazon Kindle box in our stack of letters and packages. I didn’t order an Amazon Kindle for my wife. So that left only one other option, my wife’s present for me had arrived on Christmas Eve . . . but the surprise was ruined.

Shipping Kindles in clearly marked boxes is not very customer friendly. I enjoy the surprise of opening gift-wrapped presents on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. That surprise was ruined for me this year.

I’m definitely enjoying the Kindle, and I’m certainly not disparaging my wife’s thoughtful gift. I just wish Jeff Bezos hadn’t ruined my Christmas surprise.

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