Fujitsu launches ebook device in Japan with color display

Fujitsu has released an ebook device in Japan with a color display.

From Book Business, “The Flepia, which weighs 385g and is 12.5mm thick, features an 8-inch touch display screen capable of showing up to 260,000 colors in high definition. It enables 40 hours of continuous battery operation when fully charged, and does not require power for continuous display of a screen image. When used with a 4GB SD card, the device can store the equivalent of approximately 5,000 300-page print books.”

As I’ve written, more than once, here, I still use my old Gemstar eBook – because I can read it in bed. The eInk ebooks (Sony Reader, Kindle) require you to use a booklight – and even then the experience isn’t great.

As screen technology improves, we’re very close to magazine-sized eBook readers.

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